On Track … Again

I couldn’t say for sure what sparked my latest attempt to get back on the fitness track when I began lifting again about four weeks ago, but rest assured, it’s on the upward trend of the umpteenth time.

It’s a vicious cycle for me. Like running on a treadmill, you hop on this never-ending track that goes nowhere, before eventually you’re bored and hop off. That simile epitomizes my entire life in regard to the “healthy living” bandwagon.

Maybe I have little to no self-discipline. Actually, I’m reminded of that truth most mornings when my alarm wakes me up at 5:45 a.m. and before I know it it’s 7:30 a.m. and more than time to get ready for work. I have every good intention to start my day before most with a good workout, but my bed feels 10 times more comfortable in the morning than it does when I lie down at night.

What has been helpful, though, is a friend of mine living in the same apartment complex. Planning to leave for the gym at 6 a.m. helps hold me accountable. The thing is, it’s difficult to pull myself out of bed, but I rarely drag at the gym once I’m there and I’m more alert throughout the morning. Going in the morning also eliminates the need for excuses after work about why I can’t possibly make it to the gym for 45 minutes.

One of my frustrations starting out (again) was that I couldn’t begin where I left off — a false preconceived notion I had. I was in a good habit in the spring when I lived in Wahoo. I lifted regularly and went on tons of walks with my dog, but a mid-May surgery and death of my dog put a kabosh on that.

I bounced back fairly quickly from the surgery, but understandably could not do much as far as lifting was concerned for a couple months. About the time I probably could have weaned my way back in, I was busy moving here to Worthington, settling into a new job and finding a gym.

About four weeks ago I finally pulled the plug on the excuses, and YMCA staff helped me put together a lifting program tailored to my goals and abilities. The first week was served with a brutal reminder of why I should never get out of the habit, despite being frustrated by minimal results. My muscles were so sore after that first week. I’m talking, can’t walk right, waddle up and down stairs and discomfort sitting on the toilet pain (sorry for the visual).

That being said, I must add I’m shocked by how quickly my body has been able to bounce back. In those four short weeks, I’ve added more weight to most lifts I’m performing and the pain afterwards is more manageable (because let’s face it, no pain no gain, right?).

I also tried TRX (suspension bodyweight training) for the first time at Ignite Studio. The movements felt a bit awkward for me, where it requires much control and engagement from multiple muscle groups, especially the core. While I probably enjoy weightlifting more, what I liked about TRX was that it helps me work toward my strength goals, forcing my body to move in different ways (which is a real challenge. Muscle memory is a real thing).

Do you have a lifting routine that helps motivate you to get to the gym? A favorite workout regimen? Let me know at asobotka@dglobe.com.