Journey To The Land Of 10,000 Lakes

As simple as the slogan “Minnesota Nice” may be, I’m finding those two words to carry a lot of truth.

Hi. I’m Alyssa new Globe reporter. You’ll see my byline frequently on crime and education-related stories, but don’t get too comfortable I might step beyond those confines.

My first day on the job was Monday, and not only am I feeling like part of the team here at The Globe, everyone I have come into contact within the community has been friendly and welcoming, which has made getting acclimated a joy.

I’m new to Minnesota, but I’m a Midwest girl. Actually, I’m from Nebraska which tried to steal your slogan and sell itself as “Nebraska Nice.” Don’t worry, karma prevailed and it failed.

Corn and cows epitomize the first 20 or so years of my life, and at just 22 years old now I’m not so far removed.

I always dreamed of staying on the ranch, a cow/calf operation in the sandy plains near O’Neill, Neb. But, despite being highly independent and stubborn, I’m also annoyingly realistic, and knew that I couldn’t do it alone (nor did I want to).

I was fortunate that I never had to wonder if I could go to college or not. I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. I think I just settled on journalism. Romantic, right?

Don’t worry, though, I had those romantic moments throughout my education that I realized we were meant to be.

I’m coming to The Globe after spending my first year in professional journalism as a reporter at the weekly Wahoo Newspaper in Wahoo, Neb. A small community of about 4,500 people, it was just 20 or so miles from Omaha, Lincoln and Fremont.

So, why Minnesota? That’s the million dollar question.

Being a farm girl I never had much interest in living in Omaha or Lincoln, but I was definitely craving something a little bigger than Wahoo. I’m fairly adventurous, and it was time for my next adventure (que an ‘ah-ha’ jingle).

I was both excited and nervous when my editor, Ryan, said part of my duties at The Globe will be to write a blog. It can be about any topic, he continued. Instant deflation to my excitement. On the one hand, I’m excited to get to write something in my own sarcastic voice, but then to learn that readers will learn just how disinteresting I am well, there’s nothing exciting about that. I had the same feeling I get when people ask me, “so what do you like to do?”

A simple question, but one I always fumble to answer. But the more I thought about it, I don’t think my situation is unique to me. I think a lot of people my age are still discovering who they are.

So, welcome to my blog, where I invite you to get a glimpse of me navigating through my mid-20s. Maybe I’ll say something profound or have ah-ha moments about life where (if you’re at an age that you’ve “been around the block a time or two”) you’ll be proud or maybe I’ll just really frustrate you, probably the latter.

Don’t worry, it won’t be overly philosophical I don’t suspect I’ll become the next Socrates, Aristotle or Plato.

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